First of all, it is needless to say that we respect, if landlords or other relevant stakeholders do not agree with boulders on their lang being published on our site. However in our opinion, to keep bouldering areas secret can not be a solution of the problem, ie. littering destruction of nature etc.

Another approach, to provide the knowledge of good bouldering areas only to persons of a certain group, f.e. to people naturally belong to this district, may present a convenient and easy solution to keep annoying freshmen from "their" woods. However especially from a social and educational perspective this is not our way to go.

The fact that now everyone has access to the Internet and everyone has the opportunity to publish Boulders will degrade the solution to limit the knowledge of Boulders to a small elite anyways. The sport is gaining more and more traction and it won't be impossible to prevent more and more Boulder friends make their way into nature.

Further Bouldering on the rock is now undisputedly closer to the original spirit of bouldering than any hall and plastic.

Now it is not a good idea to release people from the gyms unprepared into the forest so that they climb the first best rock they find. This creates much more damage than if you prepare and mark some areas and make them easy accessible.

We are of the opinion that it is desirable to bring the people closer to nature. And we also believe that people learn through the sport of bouldering to engage with nature and to behave sensitive and respectful. By this means we think it is a good strategy to prepare identified areas for bouldering.

As hikers are encouraged to stay on the paths described to not interfere too much with nature, boulders should have the opportunity to do their sport in areas where it is permitted.